Advantages of Live Online Spanish Classes

  • Same instructors as in person classes at our facilities
  • Live conversational classes participation
  • Virtual Whiteboard (same as classroom)
  • Group and private class options
  • More affordable rates (More than 30% less than in person)
  • No commute (save time too!)

This is how our Online Classes Work

Spanish Language Center has become Chicago’s largest Spanish language school. Since 2001, the effectiveness of our methodhas drawn in thousands of students. This growing demand for our classes is the reason why we constantly grow to new locations and also the reason to develop our Live OnlineService in 2015. The possibilities of the online world are huge and it was a big success for us that had opened us the doors to reach all thestates in the US and even more countries with more competitive rates and more flexible schedules.

What is Skype?

Skype is a free to download video calling service. By signing up to your own personal account, you can add your family and friends to your contact list and make free calls – for our classes you don’t need to have a personal account but you will need to install the free app on your device (tablet, phone or desktop computer) all you need is an Internet connection and you can enter you classroom. In this video we explain what is Skype, how to use Skype and how to download Skype.