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You belong to this level if you know nothing, or if you do know something but can't really say much. If you know a few words here, and phrases there, but can't really structure anything. Then you belong here. Can you say any of the following in Spanish?

    • What are you going to do on Friday?
    • My parents want to visit this weekend.
    • Maria's friend has to work tonight.
    • I'm studying Spanish because I want to be able to speak with my friends.

If not, you probably do belong in the intro level. We will be happy to help you determine your level. Click here for a Self Assessment.

Intro Course Description

    • Students will acquire proper Spanish language pronunciation and will recognition and use basic vocabulary as they start understanding the correct sentence structuring.
    • Self-confidence will be built as students realize that the learning experience is painless and fun.
    • This level presents basic actions of life: intention, obligation, desire, capability, etc.
    • Students will structure small sentencies and phrases by combining the basic actions of life with the most commonly used verbs in Spanish.
    • Student will improve communication by effectively combining basic actions wtih question words, adverbs of time, etc.
    • By the end of this level, students have a strong knowledge of the basics of Spanish and will be able to express themselves in present, past and future.


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