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Learning Spanish In The Time Of Coronavirus

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining…

Due to the current pandemic, we at Spanish Language Center are offering 100% of our classes (group or private) live online. Students virtually interact with our certified instructors face to face with the same ease as in person.

Furthermore, we understand the financial uncertainty of some so we are offering incentives such as discounted packages and/or installment payment plans to make sure you don’t have to give up on your goal of becoming bilingual in Spanish.

Live Online Classes are not new for The Spanish Language Center. We have been successfully offering Online Classes for 5+ years now. Actually, a big percentage of our classes were already online when the current crisis kicked in. This made the transition much easier.

You may now continue or start new classes with our certified instructors and with our effective methodology (Cortez Method™) with additional benefit of more scheduling flexibility at lower hourly rates.

  • Same instructors as in person classes at our facilities
  • Live conversational classes participation
  • Virtual Whiteboard (same as classroom)
  • Group and private class options
  • More affordable rates (save money!)
  • No commute (save time too!)

How our online classes work?

Watch this short video for more information about our online classes.

It contains a brief and clear explanation of what to expect from our online classes!

If you are ready to start, click on the menu to move forward with your registration or if you would like us to answer any questions visit the contact us section.

Our mission is to help you reach your goal of learning Spanish and make your process as pleasant and easy as possible.

If you would like to take a trial first, click here to schedule your 30 minute trial FREE!